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What other films has the actress acted in? What was the film you've seen the other day? What else can you see? You can ask here all these questions and many others and you are likely to get answers to them :)

26 août 2023 08:11:41 katakuri3 réponses

Is the site being slowly killed?!

Dozens of titles are being added every week, yet not a single video or photo has been approved since the hack over a year ago. Who's responsible for this?

25 août 2023 20:49:03 rocco-rules991 réponses

Site is abandoned. Where to go to next ?

Since this site has been abandoned, what's the next best, active site we can post pix and vids to ? AZNudes ?

22 août 2023 10:50:47 zardoz0 réponses

Please resurrect this site

No one approves new videos, as for photos they were forgotten about a year ago. Please provide admin rights to contributors please.

15 août 2023 19:35:35 Feet971 réponses

New video

I just uploaded a scene. I hope you approve?

26 mai 2023 09:08:41 mare zeta4 réponses

Dying site

This site seem to need new moderators before it is completely dead. Maybe you admins could be in contact with active contributors to get help if you don't have time yourself?

18 avr. 2023 20:33:04 Adribu0 réponses


Por que no se suben mis videos? Tengo varios pendientes de aprobacion. No me motivan a que siga actualizando

8 mars 2023 07:16:18 caleb1230 réponses

How can I search videos or apperances by keywords ?

When adding pics or videos , there are keywords such as bd, real/explicit, bath ... that can be added . How can I find videos or apperances through these keywords?

21 févr. 2023 12:39:14 rememberMe5 réponses



19 févr. 2023 15:14:56 zarita0 réponses

ask about a movie from 90's

I ask about a movie from 90's, in which a man uses an actress's exposed breast as a punching bag and hit it softly for 3 or 4 times.

20 janv. 2023 10:51:53 khaak0 réponses


Transgender celebs are allowed in this site?

26 déc. 2022 14:44:39 vskr1 réponses

Actress name ?

9 déc. 2022 16:41:00 murphy750 réponses

Updates for my favourites

Is it possible to get updates for my favourite celebs, when something changed or something new was uploaded? Is it possible to get a mail, if something changed for my favourites?

12 nov. 2022 19:51:13 Drunk Master0 réponses

¿Alguien conoce el codigo fuente de Ancensored?

Si alguien supiera que software utiliza esta pagina se podría crear alternativas bastantes similares y mejoradas.

6 nov. 2022 12:31:27 NudeCelebs7771 réponses

Is there a way to see the full list of countries and people from them?

I can only find the world charts and its links to the top 20 counties. Is there a way to see the full list of links to countries?

9 oct. 2022 12:09:59 vskr4 réponses

Actress or film name ?

4 oct. 2022 11:07:05 heezoyam6 réponses

When will the admins approve the videos?

It's almost 1 month already yet they don't approve the videos of the uploaders yet. Do the admins still care about this website?

1 oct. 2022 15:13:32 Feet970 réponses

Videos´s problem

Why don't the thumbnails of my recently uploaded videos appear?

17 août 2022 00:12:50 throwaway2 réponses

Why is it still so slow for videos to be approved?

seriously, a year ago we'd see new updates everyday now its at most a few weeks.

5 août 2022 08:57:16 Remito0 réponses

Is there even anybody moderating this site any more?

So many old titles left empty. Some so famous that somebody or the other must have updated them at some point but no mods ever bothered to approve them. This is one example. I have posted to this title on 3 separate occasions as Im sure others have too, but it remains empty till date:

21 juil. 2022 11:52:30 Skp9003793 réponses


All pictures and videos are viewed and approved by administrator or moderator then how come the site showed message it has been seized for distribution of child Pornography?

6 juil. 2022 12:00:11 Remito1 réponses

Adding an episode title or number

For tv shows there should be an option to add an episode title or season and episode number with appearances and page segregated on that basis.

5 juil. 2022 10:44:48 vskr2 réponses

Actress name or movie name ?

Actress seduce dog and shoot it. Link below

31 mai 2022 03:33:51 Facundo18161 réponses

¿Cómo buscar por país?

Hola, amigos de Ancensored. Estoy tratando de relevar a todas las argentinas que alguna vez aparecieron desnudas en público. Hace bastante tiempo recuerdo haberlo logrado aquí pero ahora olvidé el método. Si coloco en el buscador "argentina" o "argentinas" sale una mínima parte, y en aquella oportunidad eran más de un centenar. ¿Me refrescan la memoria acerca de qué colocar en el buscador, o por dónde ingresar la categoría si no es en él? Gracias. Facundo (Buenos Aires)

26 mai 2022 03:16:41 throwaway5 réponses

What other sites do you go to browse and find celeb nudes?

Like other forums or websites and such. Aside from this site, I usually visit recapped and aznude and a bunch of other sites. but i know there are other sites out there and i would like to know more

24 mai 2022 16:09:40 Supermarino0 réponses

TV SERIES additional query

Hi. It's possible that this is a repost, and I am sorry if that is a case. I've notieced that you can add a new tv show, however I failed to find a possibility to branch a particular episode and sometime a celeb is ex. 35-62 years old because of the interval of the whole tv-series. I think that it would more neat if there was additional branch for an episode with year of release included when adding a new show. Cheers! and keep up the great work.

24 mai 2022 11:07:48 Drizzt780 réponses

How do I add a new celebrity \ new movie?


22 mai 2022 03:25:43 heezoyam1 réponses


I guess many of you have pending uploads in this site. And last time mods approved videos was already 2 weeks ago. When will they be fucking active in this site?

22 avr. 2022 07:23:28 chris776800 réponses



17 avr. 2022 17:21:04 Remito0 réponses

Unable to log out

Sites not even letting me log out. Returns a #405 error - method not allowed. Appears admins and mods are pushin them daisies.

17 avr. 2022 16:37:15 heezoyam1 réponses

Are the admins sleeping or what?

Admins doesn't approve posts for more than a week already and videos don't play. Are they fucking sleeping? Seems like they don't fucking care about this website and they will be the reason why this site is slowly dying.

10 avr. 2022 21:11:19 vishal7972 réponses

videos are not playing

In my laptop or my phones videos are not playing. i tried to do adblock extension but still not working. can you guys let me know what is happening

9 avr. 2022 11:50:11 J93 réponses

Adblock issues.

The picture folders aren't loading, have already disables adblockers. Is this just me?

20 mars 2022 18:37:48 Remito5 réponses

Is there a moderation or understaffing issue?

Is there a moderation or understaffing issue? So many posts have not been approved. are just few of scores updated in the last 3/4 mnths

14 mars 2022 05:20:04 throwaway2 réponses

Looking for a scene with a Spanish actress I saw on here a while ago

Or I think she was Spanish I think they were speaking Spanish or Portuguese. the scene in question was somewhat dimly lit with a reddish filter. I remember after the sex she playfully put a credit card between the guys ass cheeks when he got up off the bed. The film looked liked it was probably released in the 90s or early 2000s. I think I remember it was maybe 1999?. Anyway would really appreciate if anybody knows the actress since i forgot to save the page before.

9 mars 2022 02:29:30 rememberMe1 réponses

Is this website dying?

It's more than 1 week already, and the admins haven't approved new videos. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO THEM?

23 févr. 2022 23:00:56 heezoyam16 réponses

Admins haven't approved photos and clips for 3 days already

Can someone tell me why the admins haven't approved clips and photos for 3 days already? I don't know if they're asleep for 3 days or what?

23 févr. 2022 06:26:40 Drizzt780 réponses

The bot won't accept clips?

Trying to add some clips for T.J Myers: Spaces Marines and Time Tracers. I've added clips in the past, but right now they just get rejected with no explanation.

12 févr. 2022 02:50:46 gentlegun0 réponses

Alma Jodorowsky in Threesome Hi, the video doesnt work with my computers and my mobile

31 janv. 2022 17:05:56 alkoman2350 réponses

как смотреть видео

Ребят,н как не могу запустить видео на планшете,окно не появляется

28 janv. 2022 14:51:32 kidrock30 réponses

Dead Calm

Does anyone have behind the scenes footage of Nicole Kidman nude scene in Dead Calm (1989) or interview of her talking about that nude scene